The more often I go to a news agency the often i walk away without buying anything. It seems that the vast majority of magazines these days resemble catalogues and advertising pages rather than quality magazines, i love printed media, i love images, photography and even the articles, i would say it is an addiction of mine, but unlike a junky i maintain discernment towards my likes and choose what i feel is best for my dollar and not to my impulses!

Below is a list of the few magazines that i sometimes buy these days, though some are hard to come by in Australia, where as the quality of some now seems inconsistent and thus sub standard, cheap and way too thin on the pages, perhaps i will leave some of them out?



ILLUSTRATION is a beautiful, educational, and scholarly magazine devoted to the history of American illustration art. Published quarterly and  printed in full color, each issue features the highest quality printing, photography and color reproductions of original art available anywhere.

For those with an interest in popular culture, commercial art and design, publishing history, comic books, paperbacks, pulp magazines, or collecting original art, ILLUSTRATION is the best source for new information on the illustrators of the past.


I cotton onto this mag back in 1997, first published in 1994 “by a group of artists and collectors including Robert Williams, C.R. Stecyk, Greg Escalante and others to both help define and celebrate urban contemporary art.” It was hard to source it those years ago, my news agency would get maybe one or two copies if you were lucky?  I believe i religiously bought each issue until about 2004, things seem to change,  it had a very Rob Williams feel and influence in formative years and C.R.Stecyk Los Angeles vibe was evident also, though over the years i have grown tired and down cast over its incredible commercial fixation, it sells art in any and every forma nd is crammed with advertisements, when is enough? Nothing really stands out to me anymore, each artist seems pretentious and more akin to celebrity then art credibility, ouch harsh words i know, but hey……. i find the old philosophy of lowbrow art no longer relevent and its opposition to so called high brow no longer evident, the two are the same, the only difference is one wears brand clothes and the other designer garment…. go figure?

Though now and then a good article, incredible artist may catch my eye, so now and again i still buy it, but not often!



Monster Children is an unpredictable Aussie based magazine that i find hard to keeps tabs on, i keep an eye out for it, but some times miss its passing, angry at that too, because i find it a visually entertaining little mag. Often a choice of covers is on offer and so just having it on my desk in my office seems to lighten the room up and make the vibe here more artsy and cool, crazy huh hehehehe!

Monster Children is the way STAB mag could have been, but they missed the boat and crashed and burned to me, they are just an embarrassing, un-witty advertisement for clothing companies…….. sick! 😦       Though MONSTER CHILDREN don’t claim to be anything but a mag of stuff, art, trivia, politics, poetry, fashion, photography….. gee anything that catches their imagination and meets the magazine deadline i think, either way its cool.  They have  great potential and haven’t peaked yet, look forward to more issues!


OK NOW, don’t laugh…….yes i dig home and garden type mags and this one rates my favourite and the only one i buy every issue of, i am not a subscriber i love going to the news agency and finding it myself , saying hi to folks behind the counter and greeting all with a smile. Gardening, Architecture, interior design and rest of the kitchen is all art to me and goes well with a good cup of tea on my balcony watching the sunset.

INSIDE OUT MAGAZINE : Australia’s best interiors magazine, Inside Out delivers inspiring homes, clever design ideas and practical decorating solutions. Discover the latest homewares trends, stunning outdoor spaces, and what’s new for the living room, kitchen, bathroom and garden.

Thats it in a nut shell!………………………………. p.s , if inside out read this by a chance, free subscriptions are welcomed 🙂


This mag is a little New Zealand success story, though no longer available in shops in Australia, they decided to go the way of subscriptions, but homey don’t play that 🙂 Whilst the magazine is a polished magazine, their formula has been found and layout wise there is not much deviation, the cover has become too sharp and impersonal, i kind of don’t like the path they have chosen with the mag and think early issues were warmer and more inviting, perhaps they should stop trying to be too similar to other mags, become experimental and less safe, i might buy it then?

Though all in all, a well produced mag, maybe i am just being too picky? Though it is informative and up to date on south pacific and islander news, reviews, culture, arts and everything else you can fit  into a waka 🙂 This is an older cover.

6#  EMPTY .

If the good folks at EMPTY are one thing they are honest, in their own words………

“EMPTY is a magazine about creativity, in all its forms. It’s really that simple. It’s published 4 times a year.

Oh and just for the record, we are a print mag not an online mag. So get your sticky little paws to the news agents and grab yourself a copy!

EMPTY is lovingly produced, designed and published by the good folk at Design is Kinky.

They fella’s at Design is Kinky are busy little beavers and don’t have time for little niceties or blogs, but do make good publications!


Surfers Path mean business and are committed, leaving all other surf mags in the shadows of mediocrity. Australian Surfing World comes a solid second, though Surfers Path have the most quality mag on the shelves, to which i don’t mind shelling out the extra pennies for!

Here’s the deal…….. “you can indulge in our magazine with a clear conscience. The Surfer’s Path is the first (and, so far as we know, the only) truly “green” surf magazine. It’s printed on 100-percent post-consumer recycled paper (processed without chlorine bleach) with non-GMO soy inks. It was a move that – despite considerable extra expense – we simply had to make.” & “Clean, hot pictures from around the world nestled neatly amidst a wealth of information for the travelling surfer. We keep you updated on changes that affect the surf traveller – anything from super airfare deals to new ways of opening a tin of beans, from insurance to insurrections, from visas to venereal diseases. So, if you’re planning a trip, you’ll know the score. And if you’re not, there’ll be lots of sweet photos, and articles written by the best writers in the business, and info that’ll fuel your daydreams and help you (eventually) choose the perfect path to perfect waves.”



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