When giants walked the land

Once upon a time an Illustrator’s work from pen and paint brush graced the covers and pages of every major magazine, some Illustrators were sought with particularity, a distinction of calibre and skill was often apparent, these Illustrators where giants that walked the land advertisement andĀ  art, living in a period where being an artist in some form was not some fanciful idea but a reality, something that could see you through your entireĀ  life.


While any one can call themself an artist or even illustrator for that matter, not everyone can rise to a level of admiration, popularity and artistic standard of Bernie Fuchs, one of my favourite Illustrators, whilst i have many, Bernie stands prominently from amongst many. Despite being short of a few fingers!

Sadly, Bernie Fuchs passed away this year (1932-2009) from cancer, though not before his work began to gain interest again, whilst he never gave up his art, the hay days and illustrative style of the early to mid 20th century that Bernie came to prominence in did not last, everything changes.

palm chick dude

However the work of Bernie Fuchs lives on, now incredibly sought after and more than just a collectable. Bernie Fuchs’ was a Giant, a giant of illustration in a time when the Art scene saw illustration as a non serious artform, entertaining, more classical then contemporary and thus less conceptual or trendy. Perhaps the illustrative work of Bernie and like will tell future generations more of ourselves then the art world of the 20th century ever could, now thats perhaps serious indeed?



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