From roots we grow?

I have recently spent much time thinking over my life, particularly in terms of my art practice, my influences, those artists that have inspired me or that i have admired for one reason or another, and primarily those that have been major sources or muses in my creativity over the years. I started going way back in fact, to when i was a young child and my teenage years and those sources of comics, cartoons, graffiti and poster art that has played such a vital role in honing my artistic desires to this day. Below are the faces of those people that i have thought of so far, perhaps there is more to add? In time i wll do so? If you are not familiar with them just click a head and find out!

Alphonse MuchaArt of the PICTSBernie FuchsCharles GoldieRomare Bearden

DondiFrank FrazettaFutura 2000Rick GriffinGeorge Lambert

Norman RockwellJean Michel BasquiatConstantin BrancusiSKEMEVaughn Bode

June Grant,0.jpgPaul Gauguin

Jack KirbyVincent van GoghKäthe KollwitzHenri MatisseLarry Rivers

Pablo PicassoRobyn Kahukiwa


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