Some people find some things interesting, whilst others have no interest in them at all, here are a few things that to me are filled with INTERESTINGNESS! hehehehe!

1) Design similarity in some Viking and Pict stone carvings.

Another and more clearer version of the Jelling Stone, commissioned by King Harald Bluetooth in 965 here.

Also… this wee beasty, a painted replica.

*Note the thick interwining knots, they bare a line running through the middle.

And here. A Norwegian snake or reptile design.

Now look here>>> Migvie Stone <<<< Pictish Cross.

There are some better examples of this in other works, i will try to track some imaes down!

2) Similar themes and subject matter in Pictish and European Celtic carvings.

A Gaulish version of Cernunnos

Cernunnos or a snake witch as interpreted by some, from Sweden.

Cerunnous or snake witch on the Miegle pictish stone, Scotland.

I am not suggesting anything here, just think its interesting, make of the similarities what you will?


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