Got you covered baby.

Above here is the easily identifiable Bridget Bardot, but what isn’t obvious is that Brigitte is on a rare Iranian single record  sleeve cover by Royal Records. Boy, havent times changed in Iran huh? More about Iran and records “here”

Though, where did i find such a beauty of an image and record cover, well right “here” Visit LP Cover Lover! at LP Cover Lover – The World’s Greatest LP Album Covers, a great and fabulous blog devoted to the wonderful and forgotten world of album covers, a collection of images perhaps without parallel on the net.

I have a particular love for Jazz covers f the 1950’s and 60’s, the photography and art are incredible and encapsulate the period of time and music with incredible simplicity but style, hip indeed daddy O”.

So i encourage to subscribe to the feed and take a bit of time around the blog, be inspired, be gob smacked, bent over in laughter and even disturbed, but all in all go and buy some records for your shelves, it’ll look good next to your Ipod dock 🙂


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