My Wish List.

I hate wanting things, but yet i love longing for things, this is our modern life, the wanting of stuff. Stuff that isn’t crucial to living though, for we are still able to get on each day, work, eat and go to bed at night, so really these wants are not important if we never get them, right? The balance between what we want and what we need reflects our contentment or lack there of, where do your scales tip?

But…. anyway, here’s some things i want, but really don’t  need!

Alex Steinweiss: Creator of the Modern Album Cover

(Limited Edition) [Hardcover]

Steven Heller (Author), Kevin Reagan (Author, Editor), Alex Steiweiss (Author)

Price: $ 500.00

Miles Davis: ESP record, not on CD or Mp3 …. but on wax! That’s how i want it… some people may get what i am saying here? First released in 1965.  You can get it for various prices online, ranging from 5pounds to $50?

Now i have ” A LOVE SUPREME” on cd &  MP3, bt the deal is to have it on record, anyone who enjoys watching a sunset and slowly sinking a amber, hard or cool drink would get me here? What i think is one of John Coltrane’s seminal recordings! Pricing ranges from $20 to $200…… depends on what you know and what they don’t or do know? 🙂

*More to come on this list!!


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