This animated movie called ‘Rio’ is yet to be released sometime in 2011. The makers of the ‘Ice Age’ seem busy indeed? 20th Century Fox put out a trailer for Blue Sky’s animated movie which is below.

It intially looks great, but i hear concerns from some Brazilians.. “will it be in Spanish, coz we don’t speak spanish”….. “what lame stereotypes will they hang on us again?”

Lets wait and see huh? Brazil is a complex place, a country supposedly growing economically whilst many wallow in squalor, where favela’s sprawl, violence path its streets and the richer get richer, whilst all clammer for the relief of once a year throwing it all away for carnivale’.

The beauty and granduer that is brazil would make for many a movie and so i wait anxiously for what i hope is an animated jem!


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