Pictish Tattoo Perspectives.

Some of you may of noticed that my blog entries on PICTISH TATTOOING are not visible?
Don’t worry, they are not deleted, when i get around to it they will be updated and revised.
Much more information has come to light and to be honest the findings are exciting! I will try to compile this new information as soon as possible, spending time researching and studying ancient writings is precarious at times, particularly when you have very limited language abilities, Bi or multi-lingual i am not, reading latin, gaelic or olde’ english is confusing, so i am at the mercy of other peoples translations! So, a great deal of comparitive work is being attempted, though some of the sources i have discovered and had shared with me is truly revelatory and paints a compelling picture of Pictish tattoo practices.

To all the nay sayers who would believe that the Picts did not tattoo, hold onto your history it just may well be re-written!





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2 responses to “Pictish Tattoo Perspectives.

  1. Iain Macmillan

    Who are you and where are you? Do ah ken ye?

    • Dinnae ye read my name up top? hehehehee, Michael Lothian! “Just a humble man making his way through the universe.”
      Where am I………. what is the reason for the question may I ask?
      Whats the relevence & does it matter? hahahaaaaaa 🙂 In the southern hemisphere if you must know?
      And , I don’t know if you know me and nor I you, though gett’n to now you would be fine?
      Cheers, Mike

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