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The Saga of BIORN.

The Saga Of Biorn from The Animation Workshop on Vimeo.


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Animated Goodness.

Why is it, that many of the animated movies that have been created over the past century till now, have the ability to draw the attention of so many in ways that many movies can not? Perhaps it is the meld of childish and mature messages, the colour and movement of pixel and paint that creates emotion and excitement and the drawn line that illuminates fantasy and reality to a willing family audience? in it all we forget our day and reflect on what is nice, good, bad, fun, fantastic or real?  Perhaps animated movies reveal more heart, ingenuity, talent and art then other forms of entertainment? What ever the reasons; here are some of my favourites!

STARWARS – Holiday Special.

* There are plenty more, but who wants to scroll down all day long?


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Judging a record by its cover?

i thumble my hands over my mouse, uploading my cd’s to I-tunes and then to my Ipod, i realise how much of my music that i stil have on vinyl that i do not have on my ipod, but greater still i see the calibre of artwork on albums decline from vinyl to cd and now Mp3 and Ipod’s, yeah you may get some digital thumbnail on your screen, but gone are the days of slouching back in a beanbag with ear phones as big as ear muffs, listening to the music of the record cover you just bought, studied so greatly in your hot little hands, studiously reading the cover notes, seeing who played what instrument and the song lyrics,  the motivation and message of the artist, though most of all the front of the album cover, where the vibe of the whole album was once contained, timeless records often have memorable covers, even the bad records have hilarious and perhaps disturbing images that are seldom fogotten, but this was integral to it all, sight was given to the sound that was layed down on wax.

Here are a few of my favourite albums and covers!

Ella Fitzgerald - Like someone in love.
Ella Fitzgerald – Like someone in love.

Herbie Hancock - Speak like a child.

Herbie Hancock – Speak like a child.

Stanley Clarke - Journey to love.

Stanley Clarke – Journey to Love.

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix – Electric ladyland. (fold out cover)

Blue Mitchell - Bantu Village.

Blue Mitchell – Bantu Village.

John Coltrane - A love supreme.
John Coltrane – A love supreme.


Billie Holiday.

* More to come!

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Illustrated Man

Think of all the children’s books, story books, periodicals, scientific and historical books you have read, scanned and taken glimpses at through your life!

I remember being captivated by lots of artwork, sketches and illustrations as a kid, to which i admit as a child some books i purely wanted for the pictures, some books i bought just for the covers, Conan the Barbarian, Edgar Rice Burroughs etc. I am sure many of you were the same. Certain images just draw our attention, cause our eyes to travel and become inspired or entertained at intervals amidst chapters and paragraphs. Though when we think about it, can we remember the names of those artists and illustrators? Whose work we so fondly looked upon.

I would dare say that, “we can not!”

One such illustrator is Charlie Harper, a prolific artist if ever there was! Sadly he passed away mid 2007 and with him took a talent that span 65yrs, an illustration style that many have tried to emulate.

Luckily for those of us that are left behind, the busy and industrious life of one Todd Oldham, along side of Mr Harper has produced an incredible volume of Charlie’s work! Most definitely one of the most definitive publications to date!     available here >>>>>> AMMO BOOKS

I must admit , i can not remember many illustrators names? I have my favourites that i do remember, Bernie Fuchs, Frank Frazetta, Norman Rockwell and the like, though the list is surely short! I recall seeing Charlie’s work , though never put a name to them? in a world that is fixated on doom , gloom and destruction, charlie’s work is a breath of fresh air, air that many people are breathing in again – the exceeding joy and inspiration derived from the tone, colour, line and shape of Mr Harper’s artistic perspective!

How much the richer are we and our children for the lives of such illustrators as he!

I may of not know of Charlie’s name before, but i certainly won’t forget it now, just as his fan base has grown exponentially and this book spawned a new generation of Charlie Harper admirers.

What could be better than the colour and line of Charlie’s animal kingdom!

Not much says I!

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When giants walked the land

Once upon a time an Illustrator’s work from pen and paint brush graced the covers and pages of every major magazine, some Illustrators were sought with particularity, a distinction of calibre and skill was often apparent, these Illustrators where giants that walked the land advertisement and  art, living in a period where being an artist in some form was not some fanciful idea but a reality, something that could see you through your entire  life.


While any one can call themself an artist or even illustrator for that matter, not everyone can rise to a level of admiration, popularity and artistic standard of Bernie Fuchs, one of my favourite Illustrators, whilst i have many, Bernie stands prominently from amongst many. Despite being short of a few fingers!

Sadly, Bernie Fuchs passed away this year (1932-2009) from cancer, though not before his work began to gain interest again, whilst he never gave up his art, the hay days and illustrative style of the early to mid 20th century that Bernie came to prominence in did not last, everything changes.

palm chick dude

However the work of Bernie Fuchs lives on, now incredibly sought after and more than just a collectable. Bernie Fuchs’ was a Giant, a giant of illustration in a time when the Art scene saw illustration as a non serious artform, entertaining, more classical then contemporary and thus less conceptual or trendy. Perhaps the illustrative work of Bernie and like will tell future generations more of ourselves then the art world of the 20th century ever could, now thats perhaps serious indeed?


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