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Pictish Tattoo Perspectives.

Some of you may of noticed that my blog entries on PICTISH TATTOOING are not visible?
Don’t worry, they are not deleted, when i get around to it they will be updated and revised.
Much more information has come to light and to be honest the findings are exciting! I will try to compile this new information as soon as possible, spending time researching and studying ancient writings is precarious at times, particularly when you have very limited language abilities, Bi or multi-lingual i am not, reading latin, gaelic or olde’ english is confusing, so i am at the mercy of other peoples translations! So, a great deal of comparitive work is being attempted, though some of the sources i have discovered and had shared with me is truly revelatory and paints a compelling picture of Pictish tattoo practices.

To all the nay sayers who would believe that the Picts did not tattoo, hold onto your history it just may well be re-written!





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Serpent & Z Rod.

Just knocked off this little pictish ditty the other night and thought i’d share it wid ya’ll?
I designed it primarily for a T-Shirt, i just can not justify paying some big name brand $50 or more for a one colour font based design on a t-shirt, all you become is a walking billboard and you are paying them for the priviledge, crazy!

So i have got into the habit of doing my own t-shirts via when my t-shirt supplies are wearing out!

This print available here<<<

This design is from a stone carving, the design has been entitled by researchers as a SERPENT & Z ROD.

There are a number of versions of the SERPENT or SNAKE & Z ROD, though this one is found in Inverurie Parish and is called the Brandsbut Stone, located in Aberdeenshire .

It is considered a class1 stone and includes writing in Ogham, a written language first developed in Ireland and later used in Scotland. The Brandsbutt Stone was at one time broken in pieces, it was going to be used to build a field dyke,  but the pieces have since been put together and such stones treasured more highly. Who knows how many other stones have been lost this way?

A new design, a different form of the Serpent & Z Rod. 7/9/10.

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Auckland Tattoo Convention 2009.

I was fortunate enough to marry a woman who saw that i wasn’t travelling too well lately and went and surprised me not long ago by buying me a ticket to New Zealand to hook up with some tattoo buddies and enjoy the Auckland tattoo convention that was recently on the 14th & 15th November. So i flew over for 4 days…….. and am still recovering from the fun.. hehehehhe!

It was great catching up with friends some i had not seen in eight years or so and also the friends that i have newly made.

Below are some images from the convention…………… a real cool vibe, friendly and  out standing tattooing!

AKLTATTCONheapsmoreblack.jpg image by rubyknuckles

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